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How To Clean Your Joma Jewellery

Ever wondered, "How can I keep my Joma Jewellery bracelets looking brand new?" You've come to the right place. This guide will show you simple steps to ensure your Joma pieces stay sparkling.

Getting to Know Your Joma Jewellery

Joma Jewellery is known for its sterling silver and rose gold plated designs. Knowing the right way to clean these materials is crucial for keeping your jewellery looking its best.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Plated Joma Jewellery

Sterling silver plated jewellery is beautiful but can lose its shine if not cared for properly. As with all stainless steel jewellery, Joma Bracelets may tarnish over time. Let’s look at how to keep your Joma bracelets shining bright.

Quick Clean: Using Jewellery Wipes

For a fast clean, jewellery wipes are perfect. They remove dirt and oils that can dull your jewellery and add a protective layer to keep tarnish away. We recommend using a high-quality wipe. Think of it as an investment for keeping your jewellery collection looking tip-top.

At Bumbletree, we recommend using a high quality jewellery wipe such as: Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes . Including 25 jewellery wipes, this set of high quality wipes will keep your Joma Bracelets looking fresh.

Easy Cleaning with Jewellery Cleaning Foam

Another option would be Jewellery Cleaning foam. Cleaning foam is great for a more thorough clean than a wipe without hassle. With most cleaning foams, the instructions will tell you to leave your jewellery in the foam, this allows the foam to get to work in all the areas a jewellery wipe may not reach. It is a longer process, however, it reaches all areas of the bracelet if used correctly.

We recommend our Jewellery Cleaning Foam: Connoisseurs Multi Purpose Jewellery Cleaner Foam for an easy and effective clean, but there are other alternatives available.

Looking After Rose Gold Plated Joma Jewellery

Rose gold plated jewellery needs careful handling to keep its unique colour. The cleaning tips for silver jewellery apply here too, make sure to check the directions of your chosen cleaner to make sure they are compatible with Rose Gold plating too.


Regular Care Is Key

To keep your Joma Jewellery looking great:

- Take off your jewellery before swimming or showering to avoid water and chemicals.

- Put on your bracelets after applying makeup or perfume to prevent tarnish.

- Store your pieces in a cool, dry place.



Keeping your Joma Jewellery bracelets looking brand new is simple with the right care and cleaning. While we’ve shared some favourite methods and products, general care and proper cleaning will keep your pieces perfect. And remember, at Bumbletree, we’re always here to help with your Joma Jewellery needs. Shop our wide selection of Joma Bracelets .

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